Suitable for: oily skin, open pores, sun damage, melasma (hormonal pigment), fine lines and lack or skin radiance. Not suitable for those pregnant or breast-feeding.

Prep: Even Skintone Smoothing Serum must be used at home 2 weeks prior.

Duration: 40 mins

Cost: $199

Downtime: Mild redness, possible mild flaking/peeling for up to 7 days

Our therapist will help you work out when to book this treatment for your social calendar.

Suggested treatment intervals: 6 weekly

For those feeling like they want to “peel” back a layer, to reveal fresher, more refined skin.

This advanced modified Jessner peel incorporates AHA’s to smooth, and eliminate dead skin cells, and BHA’s to reduce excess oil and surface congestion, unblock pores, and kick start the skins natural regeneration cycle.

The Vitapeel facial will help to visibly improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation, even out skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve overall skin radiance.

This treatment begins with our signature deep and relaxing cleanse. The peel is then applied using a layering system to ensure we can tailor this treatment for those new to this as well as more advanced facial clients.

As each customised layer is applied, this peel remains comfortably on the skin whilst the active ingredients are delivered.

Our multi-vitamin Infusion and Customised treatment mask ensures the skin’s health and integrity is maintained to reveal your newer, healthier skin!