Bryson Cosmetic Medicine has sourced one of the best in the business for all your advanced cosmetic tattooing.

Our highly sought after cosmetic tattoo expert with 17 years experience uses the latest microblading technique to create effortlessly defined, balanced and natural looking brows. This safe, non-invasive procedure simulates hair strokes to weave amongst existing hairs or can be used alone to create a 3D natural brow. They will change your life! Contact us for the next appointment date.

Brow design $700
Brow Perfection treatment (rec within 8 wks) $150
Upper lash line enhancement $350
Lower lash line enhancement $350
Upper & lower lash line enhancement $600
Brow design & upper or lower lash line $895
Brow design & upper & lower lash line $995
Colour boost (up to 18 months post treatment) $350

All procedures after 18 months of initial procedure are full price.

More Info

Cosmetic tattooing or microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique to create the look of fuller brows. A handheld single use blade makes incisions in the brow area to make incisions in the brow area and deposit pigment, in effect drawing on individual realistic hairs for a natural and elegant effect.

Expert cosmetic tattooing

Drawing on our many years of experience, we use the latest microblading techniques to create defined and natural looking brows.

What to expect from your treatment

Your treatment starts with a consultation to discover the exact look you are going for, whether it’s the full and luscious look or a more subtle design, and to match the colour of your tattoo to your natural tones.

Your therapist will clean and numb the brow area before drawing an outline of the brows you want. Next, she will make superficial incisions along your brow and deposit pigment in the tiny cuts, creating a very realistic illusion of perfect eyebrows.

The results

  • Creates definition if you have very fine or fair brows, have lost hair due to alopecia or need help filling in sparse areas

  • Wake up to perfect eyebrows every day!

  • No need to spend time or money on filling in your brows

Cosmetic tattooing: quick facts

Treatment goal: to achieve semi-permanent, elegant eyebrows, creating volume and colour

Procedure duration: one hour

Result duration: one to three years, with a touch-up after four weeks

Downtime: no downtime is required

For optimal results: you need to keep the area clean and dry for a week after the treatment, and we will provide you with a protective ointment.

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