30 mins, $350 per 1ml, $700 per 2mls

A super boost of moisture rich hydration adding a ‘blanket’ of ingredients which attract water to the superficial linings of the skin creating a more even appearance for crepy, uneven, and scarred skin.

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One of the most popular treatments in Australia, the skin booster – also referred to as an injectable moisturiser – is an innovative treatment that rejuvenates the face without altering its shape or range of movement.

Formulated with powerful hyaluronic acid, skin boosting solutions are injected into the skin on your neck, face, chest, or hands to soften and smooth. The moisture-enhancing injectables activate doormat cells and stimulate collagen and elastin production while plumping up the skin.

Expert treatments

All injectable treatments at Bryson Cosmetic Medicine are administered by experienced and registered practitioners under the strict supervision of medical doctors. Our injectors receive comprehensive training to ensure a safe and effective treatment always.

What to expect from your treatment

Each skin booster treatment strategy is designed specifically to meet your personal needs or areas of concern.

Once identified, the target areas are treated with a tiny needle that injects the moisture-enhancing solution. Because this solution contains a unique form of hyaluronic acid, it disperses evenly throughout the skin for a plump and even finish.

While you may experience some minor discomfort, there is usually minimal downtime however some may experience bruising. Expect results that last up to 6 months (results may vary).

The results

Unlike Dermal Fillers and Botox, skin boosters do not volumise the skin or ‘freeze’ the facial muscles. Instead, expect a glowing-from-within effect that moisturises and reinstates a youthful bounciness from the inside out.

The skin booster: quick facts

Treatment goal: restore youthful buoyancy, create a vibrant inner glow, and smooth tired or dull skin

Procedure duration: 5 to 10 minutes

Result duration: up to 6 months

Downtime: minimal, some bruising on occasion

For optimal results: add a comprehensive facial for all-over moisture or anti wrinkle injections in areas of greater concern

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